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The Art of Collaboration


      What draws me to a career in the theatre is the amazing experience created thru each collaboration.  I can appreciate a painting for its craftsmanship and beauty but it is still one artist's vision and work.  In our world of the theatre, the artistry and efforts of many become the experience of our audience .  From the marketing department to the box office staff, from the usher to the actor, from the director to the designers to the technicians, the musicians, and the concession stand  workers; all of us working and creating one evening's experience for our audience.  That is what speaks to my sense of purpose, my sense of community and my definition of humanity.


          I have asked myself if I can define how I do theatre. This I cannot do.   How I do theatre changes with each collaboration.  Perhaps putting it another way, I offer you this:  My approach to theatre production is to collaborate at the highest level thru constant and clear communication, listening more than I speak, creatively finding solutions that result in a greater product than I could have achieved alone. 

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